Skåne's largest startup event!

Startup Live! is the night we gather the whole startup family to tell stories, celebrate with each other and find new ways to work together. 

Whether you're a new or experienced entrepreneur, investor, community builder, creative, techie, student or employee from a startup or a large company, or you are just interested to learn, come along and be inspired.

If you're interested in entrepreneurship or startups and want to know more about the innovative things that are happening in the region, this event is for you!

All you need to know

(Hosted at Media Evolution City) Side Event: 

Women in Entrepreneurship Fika - 16:00 - 17:00 

Fika with a group of passionate women interested in entrepreneurship! No advance registration needed -- just show up at 16:00 at Media Evolution City on the 23rd, and meet some of the most inspiring women in Skåne! In a Q&A session moderated by Mimi Billing (Sifted), Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir, Founding Partner of Crowberry Investments, will share insights from a VC perspective. This event is free and open to all women, not just entrepreneurs. After the fika we'll walk together to Startup Live! just in time for the Afterwork and Stage Show.

 Afterwork - 17:00 

STARTUP LIVE! Stage Show - 18:00 - 19:30

Afterparty Mingle - 19:30 - 21:00

Side Event: Mystery Dinner – starting at 20.00 

Can’t get enough of the great entrepreneurial vibes? Sign up for a mystery dinner and we’ll connect you with some new amazing friends over a delicious dinner somewhere in Malmö! Included is a two-course dinner featuring a mystery menu and venue, with pre-arranged seating to help you make new connections you might not otherwise have met. Get your ticket here

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P.S. Skåne Innovation Week

There are a lot of innovation-related events happening in Skåne between May 23 and May 29, see the full program here

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The event will begin with a mingle.


Welcome to Startup Live!

Welcome to Startup Live! by the night's Host, Jeremie Poirier from Skåne Startups


Let’s get started! Meet your Moderators

Jeremie Poirier and Aisha Mossberg


Startup Talk: Product-Market fit

Johan Hedén Hultgren, CEO of Swiftcourt will share his experience on identifying a market need and finding your angle.


Scaling your Startup with Engaging Care

Scaling your Startups will bring together the co-Founder & CEO of Engaging Care with two of their investors and Board members. We will hear about how to work with a Board, attract investors, and scale your startup.


Startup Talk: Growing your Team

Emil Sjödin, CEO & Co-Founder of Refined will give insights into hiring and employee engagement to build a strong team behind your startup.


Startup PR – Building Momentum for your Startup

Sandy Errestad, Head of Communications at Mapillary, will host a lively panel discussion on startup PR and how to make most of it. Those debating will be Maddy Savage (BBC, Monocle), Dzenan Karic (Lynk & Co) and Mimi Billing (Sifted).


Fireside Chat

An intimate fireside chat interview with Emil Eifrem, CEO & Co-Founder of Neo4j.


Closing of Startup Live!

A final Thank You from the evening's moderators, Aisha Mossberg and Jeremie Poirier.


Mingle & Afterparty

Cold (alcohol-free) drinks and snacks will be provided during the afterparty.



Mimi Billing
Senior Reporter at Sifted

Panelist: Startup PR

Mimi is a tech journalist covering the Nordics for the Financial Times-backed tech site She previously worked as a reporter for Di Digital which included organizing events such as Di Digital Startup Tour and Female Founders. She also contributed to the podcast Digitalpodden and Startup Stories.

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Johan Hedén Hultgren
CEO & Founder of Swiftcourt

Startup Talk: Product-Market fit

Johan is the CEO & Founder of Swiftcourt, a service provider for digital contracts and e-signing. The startup founded in 2016 helped over 120 000 buyers and sellers complete over 70 000 transactions globally.

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Sandy Errestad
Head of Communications at Mapillary

Moderator Panel: Startup PR

Sandy is the Head of Communications at Mapillary, the street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to fix the world's maps. She has been named one of the 100 most impactful tech profiles in the Nordics and has supported more than 50 startups in the Nordic and British markets with her expertise in public relations.

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Emil Sjödin
CEO & Co-Founder Refined

Startup Talk: Growing Your Team

Emil is the CEO & Co-Founder of Refined, the Malmö-based software company that builds visual workplace collaboration apps to improve the UX of Atlassian software. Refined has been built without external investment.

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Maddy Savage
Freelance Journalist, Presenter and Moderator

Panelist: Startup PR

Maddy is a former BBC staff reporter and presenter. She has been freelancing since 2016 and mainly covers Nordic business, current affairs and lifestyle stories. In 2017, The Nordic Web listed her among the Top 100 most impactful and influential people in the Nordic startup scene.

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Charlotta Tönsgård
Co-Founder & CEO at Engaging Care

Panelist: Scaling your Startup

Charlotta is co-founder of  healthcare communications platform, Engaging Care. Their aim is to revolutionise how patients interact with health providers. Charlotta previously served as COO and CEO of Min Doktor, as well as working with several other startups.

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Emil Eifrem
CEO & Co-Founder Neo4j

Fireside Chat Q&A

In 2000, Emil co-founded Neo4j – today’s leader in graph databases. Neo4j enables organizations to unlock the business value of connections; they played a significant role in visualizing the big data that turned into the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers. Last year, Neo4j raised 730 Million SEK in their Series E led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital & One Peak Partners.

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Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir
Co-Founder, VC at Crowberry Capital

Panelist: Scaling your Startup

Crowberry Capital invests at seed and early stage and has managed over 51 technology start-ups, negotiated a total of 15 exits and made 17 seed investments. Before co-founding Crowberry, Jenny was on the Board of various companies and worked as an Investment Manager at NSA ventures.

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Jeremie Poirier
Managing Director, Malmö Startups

Moderator & Host

Jeremie is the Managing Director of Malmö Startups. He co-founded the Helsingborg-based startup accelerator, THINK Accelerate as well as Helsingborg's startup organisation Growhbg. He has a background working with startups in renewable energy and social media management.

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Aisha Mossberg
CEO & Co-Founder at WEDLY


Aisha is the CEO and Co-Founder at Wedly, a one-stop-shop app for planning weddings. She was previously responsible for communications and events at Malmö Startups, and is a sought after event moderator.

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Hampus Jakobsson
Venture Partner at BlueYard

Panelist: Scaling your Startup

Hampus is a Venture Partner at the venture capital firm BlueYard Capital. He co-founded of The Astonishing Tribe (acquired by Blackberry in 2010 for $150m) and has angel invested in 85+ companies.

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Dzenan Karic
Head of Public Relations at Lynk & Co

Panelist: Startup PR

Dzenan is the Head of Public Relations at Lynk & Co, a Gothenburg-based mobility brand challenging car industry conventions. He has almost 10 years experience in PR & communications and will bring his extensive expertise into the discussion on Startup PR. 

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Organised by Malmö Startups

Jeremie Poirier, Managing Director at Malmö Startups
Karsten Deppert, Board member at Malmö Startups
Joel Larsson, Board member at Malmö Startups
Hampus Jakobsson, Board member at Malmö Startups
Charlotta Tönsgård, Board member at Malmö Startups
Charlotta Falvin, Chair of the Board at Malmö Startups
Vala Zulfiu, Investor Relations & Lund Startups

Luzia Buchmann, Malmö Startups & Women in Entrepreneurship